Population control in southeast asia essay

With sequestration looming in the U. With the results of a vote from the Philippines House of Representatives expected any day now the Catholic Church has been leading widespread protests, with an estimated 10, people protesting the bill in Manila in one day alone.

This means that government health centers will have to make reproductive health education, maternal health care and contraceptives available to everyone. Ramprasads and Malala's of the world in our hearts and minds. Superimposed on the Indo-Chinese imprints and the Islamic incursions was the commercializing influence of the West.

The real push did not come until after the 17th century, when the Chinese were driven by demographic pressures at home.

In the rest of the cases, we get involved," said Ehsan Chanu, former chairman of Mirganj local council. In many parts of the world children are married at an early age, even at 10 or The mainland section of Southeast Asia was referred to as Indochina by European geographers due to its location between China and the Indian subcontinent and cultural influences from both neighboring regions.

Education affects fertility through contraceptive use and age at marriage, and mortality decline precedes fertility decline in the demographic transition. Major political parties chant slogans for the empowerment of women but when it comes to women's health, they hesitate to include the population issue in their manifestos.

The poor prefer smaller families, except that they are unable to achieve their preference. Controlling population is a very controversial subject, and many consider education and making contraception available, but not forcing its use to be the only acceptable way to promote population control.

In Bangladesh, the problem of economic development has so far been addressed mainly in isolation from the population issue. It is all the more necessary the government ensure the process is sustainable and people-centered.

It is most important to note, however, that some dispersion lines will be superior to the panmictic original, while some will be about the same, and some will be inferior. In it had not budged and I thought they were stuck on male preference.

The Catholic Church is vehemently opposed to it and has threatened excommunication for the president and any politicians who support it. Some of the countries had just gained independence, and were faced with economic reconstruction at a time when mounting population pressures rendered their task difficult.

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Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital says "These women will use birth control pills, they will use condoms, but they can't afford them. The fact that parents are loath to give them the facts about reproduction leaves great room for misinformation, unsafe practices, uncontrolled family size, and abortion as a method of birth control.

Meanwhile, the nationalist movements were crystallizing, in these nations. Thus they will feel discourage from joining their group.

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Among non-Islamists voted for Morsi — it was the only way he got elected — there is a widespread feeling that the Brotherhood tricked them and the poor into voting for its members and now they have failed to either fix the country or share power, but are busy trying to impose religious norms.

Nearly 15 million Chinese who inhabit Southeast Asia have been traditionally a source of special problems for almost all the nations except Thailand and Singapore. The French also imported workers from China to develop commercial plantations of rice.

Of the 22 countries included in the analysis, 10 recorded an annual fertility decline of at least 0. Focus was put on rice production, while fuel, cooking oils and pulses were imported at volatile prices.

The new legislation now only requires the signature of President Benigno Aquino who has supported the bill. But the absolute or total population figure may also give an inadequate picture of population pressure.

Recently she made a video statement. In this way we can stabilise the economic growth of our country, manage its resources, prevent our mothers and newborns from death, and have safe births to protect and secure society at large. In Malaysia, most mines are getting depleted, and the remaining ones are less economical to mine.

The GDP grew by 6. But the government does not have adequate staff to monitor such things. India recently saw a two-day power blackout across half the country last month that left more than million people without supplies as high demand overwhelmed the grid.

For example, Alaska has the smallest population in the United States. The "demographic transition" is a long process, during which populations move from high fertility and high mortality rates; to a period of low mortality rates and high fertility; and then to both low fertility and low mortality rates, which creates the temporary economic opportunity for a "demographic dividend.

Bythere will be 26 million more. Syria is the most extreme version of this disease, but Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen are all struggling with the same issue. Islam is predominant in the southern half of Malay Peninsula, East Malaysia, southern Philip­pines, and Indonesia.

In total count it is the religion of two-fifths of the population of Southeast Asia, accounting for million people (21 million in Indonesia alone).

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Population Control in Southeast Asia. Governments everywhere are concerned with the rapidly changing spatial distribution and growth of their populations, as people move to take advantage of different opportunities or are forced out of traditional occupations or places of /5(21).

A sobering aspect of Asia’s larger population picture is that several na­tions in South Asia and Southeast Asia have reached a crisis stage, and only re­cently have been pursuing policies aiming at population control.

Population Control in Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia

Governments everywhere are concerned with the rapidly changing spatial distribution and growth of their populations, as people move to take advantage of different opportunities or are forced out of traditional occupations or places of residence by changing conditions/5(21).

In this essay, I have come to the conclusion that Southeast Asia has more than one pattern of settlements. Instead, it has three, namely, the dispersal settlement, the linear settlement and the nucleated settlement.

In Southeast Asia, the focus is on accumulating more command and control, instead of just exercising it.

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Due to the long history of trade and migration within Southeast Asia itself, these concepts have inevitably become a coherent and homogenous one.

Population control in southeast asia essay
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Population in Asia: Growth, Distribution, Structure and Other Details